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Special ethnic or special handmade jewelry. Design, technology and tradition combine to create works of art.

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Handmade jewelry from all over the world

The handmade jewelry we offer in our online shop is mostly made from environmentally friendly and recycled materials. The pieces of jewelry are made by hand and with a lot of love and patience. You will be amazed by the shapes, colors and funky style of these special pieces of jewelry. The prices of handmade jewelry are usually slightly higher, but most of them are unique pieces or pieces of jewelry that are only produced in small quantities. Even if the prices of these pieces of jewelry seem high at first glance, we can say that these pieces of jewelry are very affordable compared to commercial fashion pieces. The reasons for this are that these jewelry are made in poor areas or by people who create them out of passion and not for commercial reasons.

Jewelry at fair prices

The level of the fair price has been a legitimate question for thousands of years and is usually the subject of very heated debate. It's always about business ethics.

In 1988, the first universal quality mark was clearly identified in the form of a Fairtrade logo. This certificate gave the general public access to these products. While these special consumer goods were initially only available in organic and world stores, discounters are now also accepting this trend and are increasingly offering fair trade products in their stores. ― Because more and more consumers are insisting on products that are clean, sustainable and fairly produced. We source our fair trade jewelry exclusively from traditional craft businesses that comply with the required environmental and social standards and do not use toxic chemicals. Our selected craftsmen have mastered the art of goldsmithing perfectly. They process pure sterling silver into unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry by casting, hammering (blowing), embossing and other tried-and-tested techniques. Fairtrade is an alternative form of trade in which all products with this quality mark have added value, which is reflected in a higher price. The price difference should only benefit the respective producers.

It is precisely this type of “extra spending” that corresponds to the way many people currently think. Many people no longer want to randomly donate to developing countries, but rather specifically support certain manufacturers of products that are dear to them. Everyone now knows about the wholesome and fairly traded types of chocolate. ― And now it's time for you to get to know our impressive fair trade jewelry from various craftsmen from all over the world, because this can also create a great feeling of well-being!

Our ethnic and handmade jewelry is very solid and easy to care for

Our fairly traded accessories are all made from durable 925 silver, which is known worldwide as sterling silver. Some models were additionally gold-plated. On our website you will also find handmade jewelry made of zamak, stainless steel or simply jewelry with stones and other high-quality materials.

In our online jewelry shop you will find special handmade jewelry that is solid and very easy to care for. You do not need any special products to clean the jewelry. It is best to use a dry cloth and in the worst case scenario the cloth can be slightly moistened. Jewelry should be cleaned as little as possible and, above all, no corrosive agents or alcohol should be used.

The handmade jewelry we offer in our online shop is mostly made from environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

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