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rings made of silver, gold-plated, with stones, zircons and custom-made items. Handmade rings, ethnic rings, or rings made from eco-friendly materials.

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Jewelry rings – origin and symbolism

The oldest rings known today are over 5,000 years old and come from Egypt. Egyptian rings were made of metal, stones or ivory and were worn as pieces of jewelry but also as a sign of power and wealth. rings also played an important role in other cultures. In Europe, for example, the Pope is the wearer of the so-called Fisherman's Ring. This was used until the middle of the 19th century.

Century used to seal certain letters. Depending on the culture, rings carry different meanings, symbolism and supposedly even supernatural powers. It's no wonder that the gold ring is viewed almost everywhere as a symbol of connection and love and is therefore often given as a gift to celebrate weddings.

Buy rings for every taste at Koompliments

Today rings are made from a wide variety of materials. You can find rings made of gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, bronze, glass, stones as well as plastic. rings are a classic piece of jewelry that is almost endless in its variety and is particularly popular with women. To make it easier for you to find your next ring, koompliments.ch has put together a selective selection of rings in different materials and designs for women in our online shop.

In addition to elegant classic rings , such as our Swiss silver rings and our silver rings with stones , we also sell authentically handmade rings with ethnic designs and wonderful colors such as turquoise, blue and red. No matter what you choose - our rings are real eye-catchers that you will enjoy You can combine it with an elegant dress or casual jeans.

Which ring width is the right one for your jewelry ring for women? Narrow or wide?

In our opinion, ring width is primarily a personal preference. Some women prefer a narrow ring that doesn't attract too much attention, while others prefer a wider ring that attracts more attention. Wide rings are generally heavier and can therefore be perceived as being of higher quality.

On the other hand, narrow rings are often lighter and are therefore easier to wear. It is also important to mention that the comfort of women's rings does not only depend on the width, but also on the metal density, shape of the ring and the type of metal. Here in our online shop we offer you elegant classics in simple or curved shapes, in wide or narrow formats. At koompliments.ch you will definitely find the ring you are looking for.

Give away jewelry rings for women

Struggling to choose a suitable gift? With us you will find a diverse selection of women's jewelry. Give away unique pieces! Gift for Mother's Day, for a family member or simply the most beautiful jewelry for a friend. Don't you know which piece of jewelry you want to give as a gift? Then give the gift card, which the person can use to choose the right piece of jewelry themselves. This way you can be on the safe side!