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Handmade jewelry made from polymer clay

High-quality polymer clay jewelry handmade in unique designs and colors. Attention:availability limited! Real unique jewelry pieces. Choose your favorites now!

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Discover our fascinating polymer clay jewelry now!

Polymer clay jewelry is made of a special plastic that is very light and comfortable to wear. Our polymer clay jewelry is made by hand with love, imagination and precision. Making such pieces of jewelry is very complex and requires a lot of skill. For this reason, most of the polymer clay jewelry that you find on www.koompliments.ch is only available in limited quantities - they are practically all unique pieces.

Polymer clay jewelry is usually colorful and cheerful and fits perfectly with your summer outfit! Our range consists of polymer clay rings and polymer clay earrings. Our polymer clay designs are all unusual, so you are sure to find a unique piece of jewelry. Polymer clay jewelry is always a great eye-catcher and a special gift!

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Are you looking for stainless steel jewelry ? We understand you: Stainless steel jewelry is particularly hard-wearing and easy to care for and, thanks to its modern look, can also be combined well with other pieces of jewelry. Koompliments offers you a large selection of elegant and trendy stainless steel jewelry at fair prices. Whether classic earrings, rings or necklaces, trendy bracelets or pendants - choose your new favorite piece and expand your jewelry collection with a new eye-catcher.

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Buy polymer clay jewelry for women as a gift

Are you looking for a gift for your girlfriend? Your sister? Your mother? Another special woman in your life? A piece of jewelry made from polymer clay is guaranteed to be a special gift! Making polymer clay jewelry is a fascinating craft. With a little skill you can create a unique piece of jewelry from a small ball! We are passionate about this art form and would like to present you our favorite creations.

Our polymer clay jewelry is unusual, colorful and cheerful and is sure to bring joy. Take a look around our website and find your favorite piece!
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Support jewelry artisans and buy one of their works of art. In our online shop you will find a selection of different jewelry made by different jewelry craftsmen. Each piece of jewelry was made with great attention to detail.

Do you also create jewelry? We support jewelry artisans by providing them a platform to sell their artwork. This way they can turn their hobby into a career and share their works of art with the world. So contact us and offer your jewelry collection on our platform koompliments.ch. We are always looking for talented jewelry artisans.

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