Silver rings with stones

Silberringe mit Steinen

Original stone rings and rings with precious stones. Also find unique necklaces and bracelets with stones in different shapes and colors in the jewelry with stones category. Fast delivery and free shipping from CHF 69.00.

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Silver rings with stones

rings with stones are often a real eye-catcher. Depending on the type of metal, women's rings can change color or bend quickly. In this context , silver rings from Switzerland have the advantage that they are very robust and durable. They are also very easy to clean. This means you can care for and wear your ring for a very long time. Silver rings Switzerland are available either with individual stones or with a whole band of stones.

The silver here is usually covered with a coating so that it does not tarnish every time it is cleaned. Sometimes they even have ribbons or other patterns on them. Here at you will find silver rings with stones that we have selected very carefully. Take a look around our online shop, decide on your favorite ring and order it online now.

How do you clean a silver ring with stone?

First you should use the stone to remove dirt and dust from the ring . You can use a soft brush for this. This means you can remove dirt even in hard-to-reach areas of the ring. Then you should place your silver ring in warm water and dissolve some soap in it. In the best case scenario, you use a mild soap. This will prevent your ring from being attacked. The silver ring should then be soaked in the soapy water for a few minutes. You can then dry your ring with a soft cloth. And voilà, your ring is like new again!

Which ring width is right for your silver ring with stone? Narrow or wide?

In our opinion, ring width is primarily a personal preference. Some women prefer a narrow silver ring with a stone that doesn't stand out too much, while others prefer wide rings that attract more attention.

Wider rings are usually heavier and can therefore be perceived as being of higher quality. On the other hand, narrow rings are often lighter and are therefore more comfortable to wear. It is also important to mention that the comfort of women's rings does not only depend on the width, but also on the metal density, shape of the ring and the type of metal. Here in our online shop we offer you not only silver rings but also classic rings and gold rings .