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Wide rings made of solid silver and/or silver-plated zamak. High-quality and large rings in original designs and shapes. Ethnic style rings and much more!

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Wide rings

rings with a wide ring band are popular! The wide band of a ring emphasizes the fingers and makes them visually longer. Therefore, rings with a wide ring band are the perfect choice for small hands or hands with wide fingers. But wide rings can also be a good choice for longer fingers, because another advantage of rings with wide ring bands is that they can have more complex designs, as the wide ring band offers more space for stones and details.

Because of their size, wide rings are primarily made of stainless steel and silver. These materials are relatively light and inexpensive, making them ideal materials for wide rings for women . If you want to buy a ring with a wide band, you should make sure that the band is well made and not too thin. Otherwise the ring could break quickly. At Koompliments we have therefore deliberately only selected rings that offer good quality and last a long time.

Buy wide rings for women and rings for wide fingers at Koompliments

At Koompliments you can order wide rings for women from the comfort of your own home. To make your search for your next ring easier, we have put together a selection of rings of different designs for women in our online shop.

In addition to classic rings in timeless designs, such as our Gold ring collection, we also offer more daring rings for women who want to consciously express more about their personality and style, such as our Silver Ring with Stone collection. So you can choose your classic according to your taste. Having trouble choosing your ring? We recommend you consider our silver rings that are shipped directly from Switzerland !

Which ring width is right for you?

In our opinion, ring width is primarily a personal preference. Some women prefer a narrow ring that doesn't stand out too much, while others prefer a wider ring that attracts more attention. Wide rings are generally heavier and can therefore be perceived as being of higher quality. On the other hand, narrow rings are often lighter and are therefore easier to wear.

It is also important to mention that the comfort of women's rings does not only depend on the width, but also on the metal density, shape of the ring and the type of metal. Here in our online shop we offer you elegant classics in simple or curved shapes, in wide or narrow formats. No matter what you choose - at koompliments.ch you will definitely find the ring you are looking for.

Wide rings for women as a gift

Having trouble choosing a suitable gift? With us you will find a diverse selection of wide rings and jewelry for women. Give away unique pieces! Gift for Mother's Day, for a family member or simply the most beautiful jewelry for a friend.

Don't you know which piece of jewelry you want to give as a gift? Then give the gift card, which the person can use to choose the right piece of jewelry themselves. This way you can be on the safe side!