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They are decorative jewelry that women particularly like to wear because it emphasizes the neck and neck as well as, depending on the length, the décolleté and bust. Necklaces for women are therefore indispensable when it comes to going through the day in style and fashion. Many centuries ago, women were very fond of necklaces, although back then they were almost always made of fine gold. Today, however, a wide selection of precious metals can be found in the necklace sector; in addition to yellow or white gold, there is also red gold, silver or stainless steel, which can be made into necklaces for women. Incidentally, in ancient Rome and later, it was mostly the ruling classes who were allowed to wear gold jewelry; the people had no money to buy the gold jewelry, which was still outrageously expensive at the time. By wearing jewelry, the rulers liked to demonstrate their power over the people, which is why gold jewelry, such as women's gold necklaces , was usually very lavish and magnificently designed. Today the price of gold has fallen accordingly because the production rate is much higher and at the same time the production of jewelry is easier and quicker. This means that it is now possible for practically anyone to purchase a gold chain.

Necklace without pendant

The wide range of jewelry today makes it possible for there to be a wide selection of chain variants in the area of ​​necklaces for women, for example. These can be ball chains and cable chains, Venetian chains, anchor chains or round anchor chains. Each of the different chains has specific characteristics that distinguish it from the other chain forms. This means that today every woman can choose a suitable necklace shape. In addition to the shapes, the chains also differ in the materials. When it comes to gold, it can be yellow or white gold as well as red gold, although the weight and gold content differ accordingly. The necklaces are also available to buy in silver. As can be seen from this wide range, choosing necklaces is not that easy and so every woman is spoiled for choice when ordering a necklace from our shop. All models have a clasp so that you can easily close your new chain and open it again and remove it. This clasp is also a safety clasp, which means that there is usually no risk of you losing the chain when wearing it while out and about.

Necklace pendant gold

Have you received an invitation to a friend's birthday party and are now thinking about what to take as a gift? How about silver chains for women or gold chains for women ? Thanks to the wide selection of variants, you can give your friend exactly the necklace that suits her taste for her birthday. Such as a long necklace or special gemstone necklaces ! Of course, in this context, it is always good to know exactly what your girlfriend likes best. In addition to birthdays, the necklaces can also be considered for other occasions. This could also be the engagement or wedding when you want to surprise your loved one with a necklace. By the way, jewelry like necklaces is particularly suitable as a gift for loved ones. This has something to do with the fact that in earlier decades, giving jewelry as a gift was reserved for men who used it to show their affection for women. If you decide to pass on a necklace as a gift, you should definitely place it in a suitable box and carefully line it with tissue paper. Then loop a bow around the finished gift and present the necklace with a few loving words.

Care for and store necklace

If you want to enjoy your new chain for many years, you should not only clean and care for it at regular intervals, but also keep it in a box. There are a whole range of high-quality jewelry boxes available in stores today in many dimensions and colors, so that they can be selected to match the existing interior. Place the necklace in a separate compartment so that the pieces of jewelry do not touch each other. Then close the box. If you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy the different types of necklaces for many years to come.

Women's necklace for a special outfit

The different types of necklaces here in our shop are versatile, fashionable and, above all, high-quality pieces of jewelry that you can wear with many styles. In general, necklaces go well with all kinds of dresses, skirts with blouses, trousers with shirts and evening dresses. You can also combine other pieces such as rings or earrings. In general, the types of necklaces should harmonize with the rest of the jewelry, i.e. the style and shape of the chains should match each other. When it comes to accessories such as belts, bags or shoes, make sure that any buckles that may be present are also made of gold or silver. This allows you to achieve a wonderfully uniform design of your outfit and the jewelry itself looks even more valuable. You can now also find great necklace pendants and pendants!